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Hi guys, it's really important to vote. Polispay already has a working product. We spoke with them before and their listing fee is 2 btc. In this case we can be integrated for free if we win. This means that after integration you could have your ECA debitcard directly afterwards.Please please vote incase you havent and make sure you follow the 2 Polis accounts.

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Electracoin = 一乐他币 ?





Electra 有微信群??


Cryptobride 和 cryptopia


IDAX联合币巴克&泰坦资本共同助力生态发展建设,面向全球征集5个优质项目。一站式服务,助力全球品牌包装、FA、IEO FOUNDATION等,火热招募中!通过审核的项目,将获得:1. 全球20,000,000币圈用户曝光2. 泰坦资本FA融资解决方案3. 顶级社区生态口碑式营销4. IDAX Foundation提供IEO免佣金通道5. 同步全球顶级媒体的曝光6. 八国本地化母语翻译项目资料7. 五次全球大型峰会路演机会如果对币圈有信仰,如果对自己有信心,如果希望获得更多的融资,请加入我们的评选!项目申请通道:[email protected]活动截止时间:5月15号【Grand Promotion】 CoinBucks/IDAX Exchange/Titan Capital offering: One-stop solution: Global Promotion Package + FA + IEO ONLY 5 high-quality projects will be accepted for this amazing opportunity!!The selected projects will enjoy:1. Global branding across over 20 million crypto investors2. Comprehensive FA solution by Titan Capital3. Reputation building across top tier communities/ecologies4. IEO Priority Pass (ZERO COMMISSION)5. Brand exposure by Top media globally6. Professional translation service for WP, website, etc.7. Five summit roadshow slots at various destinationsIf you are a blockchain die hard fan, believing that your project can change the game, AND seeking next level of FUNDRAISING…Please join our selection at IDAX IEO!Application welcomed at: [email protected] event lasts till 2019 May 15th

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