@MasterDen can you add the price and welcome bots?

can you add the price and welcome bots?

Please ensure that we have all admin functions

Adding new admins as well

We will ask the other French community to join this group to make it official

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Please ask the French room members to join this group

So that we can sort hier everything

but we're not full admin it seems

Just that only few can add new admins

Atm itโ€™s Javier and MD i guess

We had similar issues with Sapnish group

still issue remaining

The creator of that group disappeared and now we cant add any admins more

we need to be more with these rights

i guess i can't translate the infos the welcome bot will provide? It should be in french

If you can send me the content in french I can add it

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Are we ready to welcome here all the french electrans?


it seems welcome bot is not working?

What to put on welcome message?

oh Aman, i was waiting one to see the content and translate

Wait then I will send you the main group message

Hello Tim! Welcome to the Official Electra Group. Join our News Channel: https://t.me/electracoineca Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Dk4b2Tp For latest ECA Price & MarketCap you can type: /cap ECA