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Dear Cryptocommunity,We've recently been reached by the news that Cryptopia Exchange is going out of business due to the severe damage that they faced earlier.It is sad to hear that a fellow competitor of ours is facing these problems since all competition is good for crypto.Cryptopia as a company has been around for many years, providing excellent trading, service and a healthy ecosystem for the cryptocurrency community.In order for the communities to survive, especially the ones being traded only at Cryptopia, we at Nova Exchange would like to offer our help in order for the ecosystem(s) to grow, and offer free listing for all coins that were listed with Cryptopia.The only condition for the free listing would be the following:1: We receive the listing application before 1st of June 2019 through this form(please specify Cryptopia Free Listing under payment options)2: We ask their developers to add in the extra comments, addresses that they know that belong to the hackers.This will ensure that we do not facilitate money laundering from people that are responsible with actions that are not in the favor of the cryptocurrency community.Have a great cryptoweek,Team Nova

Нова предлагает бесплатный листинг, может кому интересно будет...

лучше написать, и если отправляете скрины, крепите их без сжатия, plzпроверьте версию кошелька ( на сайте новая версия, уже доступна для скачивания)