Luego os leo

Qué ha oasado con el otro grupo?

Mismo usuario y todo no hay problema

Ostras, y los mensajes antiguos?

A saber que habeis hecho xd

A ver si se da cuenta el resto de gente

No teneis un listado de usuarios para enviar invitaciones?

Que ha pasado!!!

Ya estaba preguntando a @MasterDen

Y por qué voló

Y por qué voló

Por tu culpa de mal administrador

Cuando gracias a mi conoces esta gran moneda y proyecto

ECA Rank:222 Marketcap: $34,790,475.00 $ 0.0013599 | 0.00000020 BTC 24h: -4.39% | 7d: -24.1 %

Joder cómo ha bajado el Marketcap

Esa es mi vida

@Cryptopablito te van a mandar a hacer el favor

Bien, lo has entendido 😊

WHY THE FORK AND WHAT EXACTLY DOES THIS FORK MEAN? Fact about the fork The upcoming fork does not result in a new currency. The old blockchain will quietly "die" and the forked blockchain will be the new blockchain on which Electra continues. Why a fork? Through a fork we have the opportunity to upgrade the Electra blockchain. It is important to know that the fork was initially only needed for atomic swap integration. However, this was extended with extra updates that were deemed necessary, or even vital, for the longevity of Electra. These extra updates, described below, made the development needs for the fork more complex and time-consuming. Because the fork is by far the biggest development of this year, in terms of manpower, conceptual thinking and complexity of coding, and the new applications such as Electrapay and the Mobile wallets, it was decided to first do the fork and then roll out all the other releases, hence some delay in the original roadmap goals. This was done to avoid duplication of efforts by the development team, mostly part-time volunteers, as all developments would otherwise have had to be updated from the old to the new blockchain. What is updated in the fork? 1. Enhanced TPS 2. Enhanced Block Time 3. Faster payout of stake rewards (regardless of size position) 3. POS% from 50% to 10% 4. Integration Cross-chain Atomic Swaps 5. And some smaller updates that will be further elaborated once the date of the fork is set For more detailed information on the fork and the impact it has on the other roadmap goals, please listen to our recent engineering call.

¿Que ha pasado? Por que me habies fulminado😂 @Cryptopablito

Me ha costado 2 días darme cuenta coño🙈

ECA Rank:228 Marketcap: $32,383,947.00 $ 0.0012652 | 0.00000019 BTC 24h: -9.21% | 7d: -30.56 %

ECA Rank:228 Marketcap: $31,581,971.00 $ 0.00123296 | 0.00000019 BTC 24h: -2.98% | 7d: -31.16 %

Bueno, parece que vuelve algo de alegría a los mercados

BTC = $6,413.00

1h   -0.05%     😶
24h   2.53%     🙃
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